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BerandaNewsRadicalism and Terrorism Are Not Part of Islam

Radicalism and Terrorism Are Not Part of Islam

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NUSADAILY.COM – JAKARTA – The Indonesian Ulema Council of DKI Jakarta Province held a National Assembly Meeting in the Hall of H. Djailani Jakarta Islamic Center, Wednesday 11 December 2019, with a speaker from Jakarta MUI General Chairman KH Munahar Muchtar, Chairperson of the Religious Harmony Forum Prof. Dr. KH Dede Rosyada.

This religious activity was also attended by the Commissioner of Pol Umar Dhani from the Metro Jaya Regional Police Binmas, along with his staff who seemed enthusiastic about the event.

The National Conference organized by the Indonesian Ulema Council of DKI Jakarta Province, which was followed by Ulemas and Organizational Leaders, aimed at discussing the rise of the terms radicalism and terrorism as if directed towards Islam, even though radicalism and terrorism were not part of compassionate Islam, as stated in the workshop .

The friendly relationship between Ulama is also to be able to jointly guard Jakarta so that there are no more suicide bombing incidents or others which are clearly not Islamic teachings.

KH. Munahar Muchtar, Chairperson of the Jakarta MUI MUI in his remarks said, “Islam is a religion of rahmatan lil ‘alamin (noble), let alone suicide or killing people, killing other creatures is not permitted, we are taught so that we love one another,” he stressed.

“What’s more in the near future there will be warnings especially ahead of the Christmas and New Year’s commemoration, so government officials should ban it if there are mudlorot activities, so as not to provoke riots,” he added.
In his presentation Prof. Dede said, if he was first introduced to the word radical through Philosophy courses. Radical comes from the word radix which means root or base to radical can be interpreted to study something fundamentally down to its roots.

However, this word was changed pragmatically until it looked creepy.
He further said, radicalism is increasingly complicated by the emergence of deradicalisation echoed by the government, until it is transformed into a policy.

“Though the radical understanding is still unclear, its features and definitions. Academically, the characteristics must be defined as a new policy, “he said.
The event was attended by around 100 participants, including officials from the Provincial Government of DKI Jakarta, Polda Metro Jaya, Kodam Jaya, Islamic Community Organizations in DKI Jakarta, FKUB and MUI at the city level in DKI Jakarta.(dan)

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