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BerandaNewsPrime Climate Corner 2021 Focuses Mitigation and Adaptation Action Towards COP-26

Prime Climate Corner 2021 Focuses Mitigation and Adaptation Action Towards COP-26

NUSADAILY.COM – JAKARTA – Indonesia as part of the global community has shown real efforts in meeting nationally determined contribution (NDC) targets. To reduce emissions by 29% on its own, and increase its reduction target to 41% by 2030 through international support.

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This was conveyed by Deputy Minister of Environment and Forestry (Wamen LHK), Alue Dohong when giving a speech in the Climate Corner discussion Wednesday, December 6, 2021. The event was held by the LHK ministry virtually, Towards the COP-26 UNFCCC end of 2021 in Glasgow.

Wamen Alue hopes that through this discussion can explore the development of climate change mitigation and adaptation policies. Smart action from various parties showing the implementation of the Government of Indonesia’s commitment, and the development of international issues and renewable energy achievements, to support Indonesia’s preparations for COP 26.

“Indonesia has successfully contributed to the achievement of NDC 24.4% in 2017 from the target of 29% in 2030. In this discussion, I hope that the speakers and participants of Climate Corner can exchange ideas and views. Especially in some substance focuses, namely the development and replication of multiparty forums in the context of building climate change control policies in Indonesia, strengthening climate change mitigation and adaptation actions during the COVID-19 pandemic recovery period,” explained Wamen Alue Dohong.

He also said that some of the substances that are also the focus are about affirming the commitment and optimization of Indonesia’s energy sector in terms of climate change control, providing science and innovation support in climate change control efforts, developing and providing access to climate change funding as well as mainstreaming the role of non-state actors in climate change control efforts.

“This Climate Corner Discussion should also underscore the call for a Climate Emergency status delivered by U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres in the five-year anniversary of the Paris Agreement 2015 Climate Ambition Summit held virtually on Saturday, December 12, 2020. The call encourages all countries to accelerate efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions,” concluded Alue Dohong in a discussion that took place in Jakarta.

Real Programs

He was the same event Chairman of the Klhk Climate Change Control Advisory Council, Sarwono Kusumaatmadja, in his presentation conveying the central theme of COP 26 in Gasglow is to be expected to concentrate on adaptation and mitigation actions to reduce GHG emissions in the context of human survival and the integrity of natural ecosystems.

“Indonesia already has real action programs in climate change mitigation and adaptation that provide concrete results in the form of drastic reduction of forest and forest fire incidents, reduction of internationally recognized deforestation, and revitalization of citarum watershed,” sarwono added.

Meanwhile, Director General of Climate Change Control KLHK, Ruandha Agung Sugardiman added, one form of preparation towards COP 26 in Gasglow must be with the planning, implementation of mitigation actions, adaptation, as well as monitoring and evaluation systems, the need for completeness of this information is very important to support the submission of reports to the international world on the information that is constantly updated about GHG emissions.

For information, the Government of Indonesia through KLHK has held a weekly multi-party discussion forum on Climate Corner since 2016 with a concentration on the process of adaptation and mitigation of climate change in Indonesia, in order to actualize the issue of climate change in various sectors and synergize innovations and smart practices from various regions. Wamen LHK explained that the Climate Corner discussion has provided innovative inputs and ideas for the development of climate change control policies in Indonesia and it is expected that this Climate Corner forum can continue to be developed in the future, including one of them as a forum to prepare for Indonesia in order to face the UNFCCC COP26 to be held in Glasgow at the end of 2021.

Speakers at the Climate Corner this time were chairman of the Klhk Climate Change Control Advisory Council, Sarwono Kusumaatmadja, Director General of Climate Change Control KLHK, Ruandha Agung Sugardiman and Expert Staff of the Minister of Environment and Spatial Planning, Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, Saleh Abdurrahman. The responders are head of R&D and Innovation Agency, KLHK, Agus Justianto, Expert Staff of LHK Minister for Industry and International Trade, KLHK, Laksmi Dhewanthi, and Senior Advisor of KEHATI Foundation, Diah Suradiredja. (sir/kal)

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