Ministry of Agriculture Maintain Farmers’ Welfare

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Seorang petani menaburkan pupuk di lahan sawah di Kabupaten Bone Bolango, Gorontalo. ANTARA/Adiwinata Solihin

NUSADAILY.COM – JAKARTA – The Ministry of Agriculture (Kementan) continues to strive to increase food production to continue to meet the needs of the community by maintaining the production of various agricultural commodities while also maintaining the welfare of farmers by stabilizing selling prices.

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“We are committed to maintaining the production and welfare of farmers. Even in this harvest period, we actively go down to the field to maintain the selling price of farmers’ grain. Farmers should take care of their joy in the harvest period,” said Head of Public Relations and Public Information Bureau of The Ministry of Public Affairs Kuntoro Boga Andri in a written statement, Saturday (20/3).

He said, the task to maintain production and improve the welfare of farmers in accordance with the mandate of the Law. Kementan efforts one of them by forming an Integrated Team of Farmers Grain Absorption Movement.

Mentan has issued a letter from the Minister of Agriculture No. 28/TP.100/M/03/2021, with the composition of the team of the Ministry of Agriculture, the ranks of Perum Bulog, the Agriculture Office, the Food Security Service, the Department of Industry and Trade, Kodim, the Police, the Association of Rice and Rice Milling Entrepreneurs (Perpadi), and the Rice Milling Strategy Command (Kostraling).

“The team is moving to absorb production by buying grain at the farmer level in accordance with HPP. That’s what we want to make sure,” he said.

The results of the BPS sample area (KSA) framework survey showed the potential area of rice harvest in the January-April 2021 season reached 4.86 million hectares, an increase of approximately 1.02 million hectares (26.53 percent) compared to the Subround of January-April 2020 of 3.84 million hectares. The increase occurred due to the harvest at the beginning of the year, especially in a number of areas continued to show a positive trend.

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“Mr. Mentan has also written to the Head of Bulog in order to accelerate the absorption of farmers’ grain. We want prices not to fall and farmers can enjoy the harvest. This is a concrete step by the government,” Kuntoro concluded.

Currently, agricultural production is fairly adequate in line with the massive development of agricultural infrastructure, mechanization and utilization of mechanization technology, as well as other efforts. (lna)