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Minister of Trade Guarantees Price and Supply of Basic Needs Safely Ahead of Ramadan

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NUSADAILY.COM – JAKARTA – Minister of Trade Muhammad Lutfi guarantees safe prices and basic necessities ahead of Ramadan, with supplies available at stable selling prices.

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“I can assure you that this year’s Ramadan fast prices of goods are stable, affordable, even with the harvest will most likely decrease,” said Minister of Trade Lutfi after visiting Kramat Jati Market, Jakarta, Wednesday.

The Minister of Trade directly checks the price and supply of basic goods ahead of Ramadan 2021 in the Kramat Jati Main Market to ensure prices from upstream, as a reference selling price in the retail market to consumers.

“I checked the availability of goods to the Main Market Kramat Jati to check from the upstream. So, if we can see earlier, all goods can be said to be stable, even decreased,” said the Minister of Trade.

According to the Minister of Trade, the price of shallots is stable at a price of Rp18,000-Rp21,000 per kilogram. Then the price of curly chili that had touched the price of Rp100,000 per kilogram, today the price is close to Rp70,000 per kilogram.

“Even when the harvest will decrease again. So is the red chili,” said the Minister of Trade.

In addition to the price of garlic is at the same price as shallots, namely in the range of Rp18,000-Rp21,000 per kilogram, which means in the retail market the price will only increase Rp1,000 per kilogram. So the price when it reaches customers is still below the Highest Retail Price (HET) which is Rp32,000-Rp35,000.

Formulations To Keep Prices From Volatile
Related to the price of chili is vulnerable, the Minister of Trade is trying to find formulations so that the price is not easily volatile when harvesting or paceklik.

“If I say chili, that this is a very volatile item when harvesting and paceklik. So I tried to make this item last longer and the planting pattern so that it can be separated. So, not again when the harvest simultaneously the price falls but when the paceklik price rises,” said the Minister of Trade.

On this occasion, the Minister of Trade ensured that there had been no import action for various basic needs, considering the supply could already be met from within the country.

“If I think now if we look at everything, all the goods are available. If I look at the price of rice too, the premium is all stable price. So, maybe all can be fulfilled from within the country so there is no need to import,” concluded the Minister of Trade. (lal)

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