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BerandaNewsMinister of Airlangga: The Government Is Firmly Committed to Environmental Conservation

Minister of Airlangga: The Government Is Firmly Committed to Environmental Conservation

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NUSADAILY.COM – JAKARTA – Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs Airlangga Hartarto explained that the Social Forestry Program rolled out by the government since 2007 has provided many benefits to people living around state forests and customary forests (rights).

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The presence of the Copyright Act will further ensure the continuity of this program.
In addition, related discussions on social forestry. The government hopes that there will be an increase in the welfare of the communities around the forest area while considering the balance between the environment and the socio-cultural dynamics that exist.

He also said that the impact of social forestry programs on the surrounding communities is divided into three parts. The first is the economic impact, because it indirectly provides new jobs to the community. If we look at the statistics, there are about 800,000 households who already have access to forest management income.

The second is social impact. Now, people no longer feel anxious because they can manage forest areas legally. People can be more calm in managing forest area land because it already has a legal basis. The existence of The Copyright Law is also expected to reduce the inequality of forest mastery between the wider community and corporations.

Forest Community’s Economy Is Improving

According to him, the third is environmental impact. With the legal institutionalization of the government, the surrounding community can not open land by burning or by illegal logging that interferes with forest sustainability.

“The economy of forest communities has improved after the social forestry program. Because, with the certification of access from the government, currently the community no longer considers forest land management efforts as a side business, but instead becomes a basic business with a large enough scale that will certainly increase people’s income,” he explained.

Investment in forests in the Cipta Kerja Law is an investment that applies the principles of environmental preservation.

With the entry of social forestry in the Cipta Kerja Law, the government opens investment to the wider community, but still must be in the corridor of environmental preservation.

In addition, the Cipta Kerja Law also regulates the economic empowerment of social forestry-based communities to improve the national economy.

“If managed in a cluster, then we support it with The People’s Business Credit (KUR) and followed by assistance. The products produced will have high competitiveness, and hopefully can be exported. Currently, the social forestry program has provided new job space for about 800 to 900 thousand families,” concluded the Coordinating Minister for Airlangga. (sir/aka)

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