Medan Deli River Has Receded, Hundreds of Residents Return Home

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NUSADAILY.COM – MEDAN – The waters of the Deli River, located in Neighborhood IV of Aur Village, Medan Maimun District, Medan City, North Sumatra Province, have receded and hundreds of residents have left their homes and can return.

On site monitoring, Sunday, at around 10.00 WIB, the Deli River is currently in a normal condition and there is no flood overflow. Because for the past three days hundreds of houses in Neighborhood IV, Aur Village were flooded.

What is visible at this time is material in the form of black mud, various types of garbage, and other objects found in the flood site.

In fact, dozens of residents of Environment IV, cleaners and fire fighters from the Medan City Government also cleaned the thick mud material.

Chairman of the Assistance Post for Environmental Fire Victims IV Aur Village, Saiful Tanjung (53) explained that the water from the Deli River receded on Saturday (5/12) around 22.30 WIB.

“So the people last night were able to return to their homes, because for three days it was still flooded,” he said.

Previously, on Thursday (3/12) at 21.00 WIB, the Deli River also overflowed and submerged hundreds of houses. The flood from the Deli River was a flood from the Brastagi area, Karo Regency.

The flood submerged at least 2,773 houses in seven sub-districts in Medan City, North Sumatra, consisting of 1,983 families and 5,965 people affected by flooding in Medan City.

Seven sub-districts were flooded, namely Medan Maimun, Medan Johor, Medan Selayang, Medan Tuntung, Medan Baru, Medan Petisah and Medan Polonia. (sak/ant)