Kamis, Agustus 5, 2021
BerandaNewsJakarta Police Bust Child Prostitution Racket

Jakarta Police Bust Child Prostitution Racket

NUSADAILY.COM -JAKARTA- The directorate of general criminal investigation of the Jakarta Metro Jaya Police has uncovered a child prostitution racket run out of a hotel in Tebet, South Jakarta and detained 15 persons in connection with the case.

“The Metro Jaya (Police) has detained several underage sex workers, jockeys, and several people who were caught red-handed and are suspected of being, or having committed obscene acts with, the victims, (who are) minors,” spokesperson for the Metro Jaya Police, Commissioner Yusri Yunus, said in a statement issued here on Thursday.

Police conducted a raid at the hotel that was allegedly used for the prostitution racket around 11 p.m. WIB (Western Indonesian Standard Time) on Wednesday (April 21, 2021), he informed.

“The modus operandi was to offer child prostitutes (to potential customers) by using social media applications,” he said.

Most of the 15 detainees are minors and are suspected by police of having been employed as prostitutes.

“Of the 15 people, they are mostly children,” Yunus said.

Following the raid, a number of people, suspected of being pimps and customers, were also taken to the Metro Jaya Police office for questioning.

Police also confiscated several pieces of evidence, including contraceptives, cash, cell phones, and laptops, during the raid. (sak)



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