Senin, Desember 6, 2021


BerandaNewsCanSino Defends COVID-19 Vaccine Candidates After Doubt by Experts

CanSino Defends COVID-19 Vaccine Candidates After Doubt by Experts

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NUSADAILY.COM – JAKARTA – Chinese vaccine company CanSino Biologics on Wednesday said that the opinion of experts regarding its COVID-19 vaccine candidate does not need to be followed “blindly” without adequate clinical trial data.

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Scientists outside the company raise concerns about the efficacy of CanSino’s potential COVID-19 vaccine, Ad5-nCoV. Those based on the common cold virus that many people infect, can be limited. According to him, the antibodies that are there to fight the common cold virus are capable of destroying Ad5-nCoV.

“Vaccine development is a practice-based science. And we shouldn’t be following the experts blindly, ”said chief scientist, Zhu Tao, during an investor conference.

A candidate for the Ad5-nCoV vaccine, which is still in its final stages of trials, has approved approval for use in the Chinese military. (int1)

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