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BerandaNewsAfter Publishing the Prophet Cartoon, French Newspapers Received threat

After Publishing the Prophet Cartoon, French Newspapers Received threat

NUSADAILY.COM-JAKARTA- La Nouvelle Republique, a regional newspaper in France. Admittedly receiving threats on social media after publishing caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad on the home page. This is based on the statement of one of the journalists.

On 18 October 2020, La Nouvelle Republique newspaper published a sketch of the Prophet Muhammad from Charlie Hebdo magazine highlighting the threat posed by Islamic extremist groups. Following the murder of a French teacher named Samuel Paty last week.

The journalist, Christophe Herigault, told BFM TV on Wednesday that it had a positive reaction to the publication – under the pretext of freedom of speech and democracy. However, a number of other comments were threatening.

“There are four to five threats, especially on Facebook. Which makes us submit a judicial application as the only way, “said Herigault, quoted from Antara.

The murder of Samuel Paty is allegedly also related to the cartoon case of the Prophet – which in Islamic belief, any image of the Prophet Muhammad is blasphemy.

Paty was beheaded during the day outside her school on the outskirts of Paris by an 18-year-old. After he showed a cartoon of a naked man whom he said was the Prophet to his students in class on the grounds of freedom of expression, which sparked the anger of parents of Muslim students.

The police then shot dead the beheading.

What happened to Paty was in the spotlight in France. Similar to the deadly attack on the Charlie Hebdo magazine office that took place five years ago. (Int3)



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