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BerandaLifestylePeopleMohammad Prananda Prabowo an Orphan from the Womb (7)

Mohammad Prananda Prabowo an Orphan from the Womb (7)

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The teachings of Islam illustrate the great affection of Allah to orphans. So whoever rebukes the orphan, he is a religious liar. Allah Almighty does not place a burden on His servants beyond his limits.

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Behind the destiny set for a human being, including destiny as an “orphan”, certainly saved a great lesson. That is the Divine way to protect orphans, orphans or orphans. Humans, whether individuals, groups or institutions, are willing to give a helping hand to them, through raising funds, prioritizing opportunities, and even establishing foundations and holding places for them.

One of those who have attained the status of “motherless orphanage” is Mohammad Prananda Prabowo. The element of the name “Muhammad” from him “parallels fate or status” with the Prophet Muhammad who had become “an orphan” when his fetus was still in his mother’s Garba cave (Megawati Sukarnoputri).

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