Senin, Oktober 18, 2021
BerandaLifestylePeopleMohammad Prananda Prabowo an Orphan from the Womb (7)

Mohammad Prananda Prabowo an Orphan from the Womb (7)

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Divine Blessings for Orphans, Prepared to Become Great Men

Even though they are orphans, both orphans were still in their mother’s womb or not long after their birth. But history proves that some of the most influential people in the world are orphans, whose childhood was fatherless. Orphans are not punishments either.

Rather, perhaps this is another way from God in educating His servants, to prepare them to become true beings. Immersed in the weeping protracted dissolved because the status of “orphan” will only destroy himself.

Instead must be encouraged, the wondo rope cancut becomes a strong and independent human being. Life without a helping hand and father’s love makes an orphan have to fight for his life to be better. Indeed, it is not easy to live life alone in the world.

God does not allow the orphans’ small bodies to carry the heavy burden of life alone. Therefore, it can be understood if all religions command His people to pay attention to orphans, orphans, especially orphans.

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