Risma Will Be The Realization of Bansos Distribution Starting The First Week of January 2021

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Ilustrasi- Sejumlah produk perawatan kulit. ANTARA/Shutterstock/am.

NUSADAILY.COM – JAKARTA – Minister of Social Affairs Tri Rismaharini stated that it will speed up the realization of social assistance distribution since the first week of January 2021.

“The Ministry of Social Affairs requested by Mr. President is very urgent how the realization of assistance for the fourth quarter and later in january 2021, the first week should be able to get out,” Risma said at the Jakarta State Palace on Wednesday.

Today President Joko Widodo appointed Risma as social minister for the remainder of his 2019-2024 term replacing Juliari P Batubara.

It is known that the Ministry of Social Affairs did get a ceiling of Rp128.927 trillion for the National Economic Recovery Social Protection program due to COVID-19 from the total budget of Rp695 trillion in 2020 while in the 2021 State Budget, the social protection sector received a budget of Rp408.8 trillion.

“Because this is also related to the movement of the national economy therefore we have to work hard so that the first week of January for 2021 can be immediately conveyed to the recipients of assistance,” said Risma.

Furthermore Risma also wants to start an empowerment program.

“Both empowerments, so far we have tried how the assistance has implications or has a measurable direct impact on the welfare of the community means there are development mechanisms that must be done,” added Risma.

Risma also claimed that he could not be alone in doing so.

“We will cooperate with the governor, the head of the main region of the local university who knows the exact development in his area,” said Risma.

Not to miss Risma want to anticipate disasters because of weather conditions.

“We also have to anticipate according to the forecast of BMKG after the high rainfall that is La Nina will occur El Nino. High rainfall will have implications for agricultural products or other products so that it must be balanced so that there is no hunger,” said Risma. (eky)