Agate Sprouts Gamification for Mental Health

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Agate rambah gamifikasi untuk kesehatan mental (HO/Agate)

NUSADAILY.COM – JAKARTA – Indonesian game developer company and studio, Agate, collaborates with certified therapists from the United States, Amanda Earle, MA, LAC, LPC in developing a short course content.

The course is published on the gamification-based platform, Levio, under the title “Calm Amidst Chaos: How to Cope with Uncertainty”.

This course is designed as an alternative self-therapy with easy access through smartphones. Users will be regularly guided to do various activities that aim to get to know more about their emotions without having to face face to face physically.

Pandemics are said to contribute to an increase in cases related to mental health globally, as a result of prolonged social restrictions, uncertain economic situations, to lifestyle changes.

“Looking at our own team and the losses caused by our extended working hours from home, it is ironic to see those of us in the business who provide happiness in playing games become so drained mentally and emotionally,” said CMO and CCO Agate, Sahut Igor Tanzil, in a written statement quoted from between.

“It’s a moral obligation for us and we hope that with this trial we can continue to apply our resources and expertise to content that can really help people,” he continued.

To access this course, users can download the Levio app through the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

The course “Calm Amidst Chaos: How to Cope with Uncertainty” is accessible in Indonesia, Singapore, the United States, the United Kingdom and also Europe. Both Levio and this course can be downloaded and accessed for free.

Levio itself is a learning management system application that implements gamification that can be accessed on mobile phones.

Levio, which has previously successfully become a training platform for corporations, is expanding its wings to become a platform that can accommodate individual needs with a variety of materials in it.

The content of “Calm Amidst Chaos: How to Cope Uncertainy” is called not a substitute for psychological needs, for conditions that require professional help it is still advisable to see a psychologist. (mic)