Provincial Tracing Team Finds One Medical Officer Bondowoso Positive Exposed to Corona

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NUSADAILY.COM – SURABAYA- Tracing or spreading of the Coronavirus in East Java by the Provincial Tracing Team headed by Kohar Hari Santoso, successfully detected a new positive case affecting a health worker in Bondowoso District.

Doctor Kohar did not specify which cluster, but the proportion was small compared to the total number of traces that were declared reactive or positively exposed by 24 people. Ie, only one person or 4 percent.

Bacaan Lainnya

From the positive swab results 24 people were then grouped first from the group of people in monitoring (ODP), positive swabs or PCR tests (Polymerase Chain Reaction) there were 3 people or 12 percent came from Bondowoso and Bangkalan.

From the group of patients under surveillance (PDP) recorded 16 people or 64 percent came from Bangkalan, Jember, Jombang, Ponorogo, Sidoarjo Situbondo.

Swab positive group categories of asymptomatic people (OTG) amounted to 5 people or 20 percent, from Surabaya and Tulungagung.

Rapid Diagnostic Test
This data was processed from the implementation of the Rapid Diagnostic Test (RDT), totaling 10,886 units. This number consists of targeted groups of 7,147 people, 1,213 OTG people, 1,523 ODP people, and 923 PDP people.

Of the 10,886 RDTs, the positive ones were tracked 264. From this 264 data, the positive percentage was very small when the PCR test was carried out. Positive PCR test results were only 24 people.

“So the positive ones are only 2 percent, totaling 264. So the positive ones are only 2 percent, totaling 264. The rests are non-reactive or negative RDT 10,558 people or 98 percent,” said Doctor Kohar who is also Director of Dr. Syaiful Anwar Malang Hospital.

With this traceability, the next curative step and tracing scheme map will be more directed and monitored.

The RDT or rapid test gives direction and steps to be followed by the Provincial and District / City COVID-19 Task Force.

Of the 16,600 rapid test units distributed to districts/cities based on the Department of Health and Hospitals, it has approached 100 percent. A new realization of 10,886 units. Today, Saturday, April 11, 2020, will be distributed again as many as 18,800 units of the new rapid test from the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia. (ima)