The Rose Accent in Giambattista Valli’s Works is Preferred by Ariana Grande

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Model memeragakan koleksi adibusana karya Giambattista Valli untuk Musim Gugur 2020. (
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NUSADAILY.COM-JAKARTA- Fashion designer Giambattista Valli said he felt lucky to have an apartment full of plants and various roses on his balcony.

He told the Women Wear Daily page during the lockdown, he could enjoy the beauty. And the scent of various roses that bloom in spring.

The roses on the balcony then inspired him to create a haute couture collection for the fall of 2020. He dedicated to the beauty and all forms of art in the City of Paris, France.

“This is something that is present and resembles champagne. You can call it anything, whatever. But this is not a haute couture, this is part of the memory that I studied carefully, “Valli was quoted as saying that the mother of from the WWD page, Tuesday (07/07/2020).

This couture collection uses meters of tulle, chiffon, faille and cloque. Various dimensions in the design seem excessive. Apparently, Valli’s work was favored by a number of stars such as Jennifer Lopez and Ariana Grande.

Valli uses quite a bit of jewelry, considering that the design focuses a lot on tulle piles, sewing techniques and volume.

“For me, couture must be a very extreme momentum. “Many of my customers are young, even the youngest age in this fashion business,” Valli said.

Various fashion shows and canceled fashion weeks were held physically because of COVID-19. Then forced Valli to show off his designs through video. In the video Valli shows the details of his work in close up.

“I hold the hands of all viewers around the world who are still confined by the pandemic. And can’t travel, and show them this is Paris through my eyes, “he explained. (Cak)