Residents of Merapi Slopes Turn Night Patrol and Prepare for Eruption

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Kepala Desa Jrakah Tumar saat memantau kondisi puncak Gunung Merapi di depan Pos Pengamatan Gunung Merapi di Desa Jrakah Selo, Kabupaten Boyolali, Jateng, Jumat (10/7/2020). (FOTO ANTARA/Bambang Dwi Marwoto)
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NUSADAILY.COM-BOYOLALI – Residents on the slopes of Mount Merapi began alert by promoting night patrols in anticipation of Mount Merapi erupting again. For example, residents in each neighborhood (RT) in 13 Hamlet Jrakah Village Selo District Boyolali District, Central Java.

Preparedness through the night patrol as well as the eruption of Mount Merapi mitigation. Mountain as high as 2930 meters above sea level (asl) is located on the border of Central Java Province and Yogyakarta Special Region.


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“During the past 10 days residents have indeed often felt the presence of a miss or a small earthquake. Possible impacts of Merapi Mountain activities. But they continue to work as usual in the fields, “said Village Chief Jrakah Tumar, in Boyolali, Friday, July 10, 2020.

According to Tumar at the time of Mount Merapi entering level two or being vigilant at this time, his side had carried out socialization several times to the community. Specifically related to Mount Merapi mitigation.

His party also appealed and socialized to community leaders and administrators of RT and RW in the Jrakah Village area. Which then proceed to the community to remain vigilant. Because at this time the eruption of Mount Merapi has entered its phase.

“We have asked RT RW to appeal to residents to carry out night patrols to prepare themselves to be evacuated if there is a Merapi eruption,” he said.

According to him, several areas of Boyolali Jrakah Village were classified as disaster-prone areas (KRB) III. For example Dukuh Sepi, Kajor, Tosari, Distance, and a part of Jrakah Hamlet. The distance is around 3.5 to 4 kilometers from the peak of Merapi.

Residents of Jrakah if suddenly the Merapi eruption disaster is also directed through the Brotherhood Village program. They will be evacuated in Karanggeneng Village, Boyolali Kota.

“The Jrakah community, every time a Merapi eruption occurs, it communicates with the Karanggeneng community. And at the same time the local government as a place of refuge, “he said.

His party has also collected data on transportation preparation vehicles for the evacuation of residents to disaster-safe areas.

So four-wheeled vehicles in each RT have been recorded and the gathering point has also been determined. Residents have experienced the eruption of previous years.

Activity up to a 3 Kilometer Radius from Merapi Peak
“We have also recorded the number of cattle and goats owned by residents. “Including the livestock evacuation vehicle has been prepared by the Jakrah Desa Siaga (TSD) team,” he said.

According to him the population in Jrakah Village was 4,430 people. While there are 824 cattle and 254 goats. If an eruption occurs, residents go directly to the gathering point of each RT / RW to be evacuated in a safe place.

However, based on information received from the Yogyakarta Geological Disaster Investigation and Development Center (BPPTKG), through the Boyolali District Government, residents are still allowed to carry out activities as usual. Ie up to a radius of 3 kilometers from the summit, but still maintaining vigilance.

In addition, Tumar also appealed to people to enter a new normal in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. In order to protect and avoid each other from the crowd to prevent the spread of the virus.

People who have a celebration must implement the health protocol wearing a mask and always washing hands with soap, and keep a distance from others.

BPBD Boyolali Bambang Sinungharjo, Head of the Daily Organizer (Kalakhar), asked the people of the slopes of Mount Merapi who live KRB III and II to always be vigilant.

Boyolali Regency has conducted socialization to the community, especially in KRB III or a radius of 3 km from the summit. There is no activity.

In Boyolali, there are three villages included in the KRB III Mount Merapi. Namely Tlogolele, Klakah and Jrakah in Selo District.

He said he had recorded the number of residents in the three top village areas totaling 10,189 people, said Bambang Dinungharjo. (yos)

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