Minister of Social Affairs Has Ensured Quick Responses in Handling Disasters

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NUSADAILY.COM – JAKARTA – Minister of Social Affairs Tri Rismaharini has ensured quick responses in handling the impact of natural disasters that have been happening across the archipelago, including landslides in Sumedang, West Java, earthquakes in West Sulawesi, and floods in South Kalimantan.

In a statement received here, Sunday, Minister Risma confirmed that responses had been carried out since the disasters first occurred, including by involving emergency alert teams in the areas.

“We have deployed everyone including in South Kalimantan,” she stated.

When the disasters struck, the Ministry of Social Affairs immediately made efforts to deal with impacts in the field through social pillars including the team, social workers, as well as Technical Service Units (UPT) in each area.

In addition to emergency response assistance, such as logistical assistance that has been distributed to disaster sites, the active role of the Ministry of Social Affairs was exhibited by the rapid response from the technical service units in handling survivors.

In South Kalimantan, the Banjarmasin Education and Social Welfare Training Center (BBPPKS) has been on the move since floods hit the area.

“BBPPKS seeks to participate in helping local residents who were affected by the floods by providing dormitory rooms as shelters for refugees,” said the Head of BBPPKS Banjarmasin, Salahuddin Yahya.

One of the areas closest to the Banjarmasin BBPPKS office is Malintang Village, Banjar District. Currently, around 130 people have been evacuated to be given temporary shelters until the conditions allow them to return to their homes.

“We ensure logistical assistance is prepared to provide maximum service for survivors,” he said.

Along with the evacuation efforts, the Psychosocial Support Service Team of BBPPKS Banjarmasin also provided assistance to residents in refugee camps, especially parents and children.

“As we continue to implement the COVID-19 protocol, BBPPKS is reacting quickly to the current conditions of South Kalimantan as well as efforts to expand the roles of the BBPPKS in handling social welfare problems,” he explained.

Meanwhile, the “Budi Luhur” Center for Social Rehabilitation of Persons with Mental Disabilities (BRSPDM) also participated in providing one of their dormitory facilities as a flood disaster emergency post.

Until now, there are 22 flood survivors from the Martapura area who have fled to the flood disaster emergency post, including of two elderly citizens, five married couples (10 people), three teenagers, and seven children and babies.

“Currently, the survivors have received health check services, clothing assistance, and food or logistics while at the post,” said the Center’s Head, Herry Pawoko.

He has assigned employees, especially social workers, to accompany survivors at the post to provide psychosocial services.

“Social workers immediately provide psychosocial services and trauma healing for the survivors, so that they can assist them in dealing with the aftermath of the floods that hit,” he said.

In Makassar, BBPPKS Makassar deployed a Quick Reaction Team (TRC) consisting of seven personnel led directly by the Head of the Rasman Center.

According to Rasman, assistance to this disaster is a form of concern in humanitarian missions.

“We will help those who have been very much affected by this disaster. Recently, my team and I helped one of the victims who had to give birth,” he said.

They have also provided a number of goods as assistance, including cutlery, mineral water, blankets and tarpaulin. (sak/ant)