Jokowi and Ministers Down to East Java

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Presiden Jokowi tiba di Bandara Internasional Juanda Surabaya, disambut Gubernur Jatim Khofifah Indar Parawansa, Kamis, (25/6). (istimewa)
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NUSADAILY.COM – SURABAYA – Indonesian President Joko Widodo, along with Indonesian cabinet ministers, advanced to East Java, to encourage the handling of Covid in East Java.

Arriving in Surabaya, the capital of East Java, President Joko Widodo, headed for the Grahadi state building, Surabaya, Thursday, June 25, 2020 at 10:00 WIB to give a briefing.


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Accompanied by several ministers, including Menkopolhukam Mahfud MD, Indonesian Minister of Health Terawan Agus Putranto, Minister of Tourism Wishnutama, and others. The President was welcomed by the Governor of East Java, Khofifah Indar Parawansa and the East Java Regional Leadership Communication Forum.

Jokowi arrived at Surabaya Juanda International Airport at around 10:00 WIB. He went straight to the Grahadi State Building in Surabaya and led a coordination meeting.

In his direction Jokowi gave 5 important points of the condition of the Indonesian people who experienced two major crises namely health and economy.

Local governments are encouraged to prepare scenario plans A, B to C in dealing with the crisis that is happening in the country today.

Jokowi during his working visit pushed as much as possible to suppress the number of Covid cases in East Java. In order to immediately be able to prepare for the new normal.

In addition, Jokowi also asked the Regional Government to provide economic and social support to affected residents. Besides in Surabaya, he is scheduled to visit Banyuwangi.

Jokowi reminded that local governments in East Java to encourage people to have the same feelings. That in the midst of life there is a problem that must be solved together, namely the corona pandemic.

“Do not let people feel normal, so they forget and do not wear masks, because this crisis is also experienced by 215 countries in the world,” he said in a meeting that was broadcast live through the YouTube channel.

The second point is about health. There must be a balance between health and economic management. Like gas and brakes, both must be maintained rhythm and timing.

“So the handling of the economy must be balanced by working together with the handling of health dealing with Covid,” he said.

He reminded that the most East Java. An additional final figure of 183 was positive for Covid even with a cure rate of 30.1 percent.

“I always follow what the task force team and the local government have done. And what is worth guarding is the Greater Surabaya agglomeration area. This must be resolved first in one management, “Jokowi said again.

The third point is that the government immediately sets sector priorities for future development. The fourth point invites all community leaders to implement the health protocol to the lowest level.

“Finally, entrust to the Governor, Regent and Mayor to make policies that must always refer to data science and advice from experts or scientists especially about the handling of Covid. Remember … that the world has penetrated Covid’s 10 million positive numbers, “he stressed, that Indonesia did not want to be part of that large number. (Ima / lna)

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