Deputy Governor Emil Asks Other Areas Examples of Prigi Beach Tourism Park 360 Trenggalek

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NUSADAILY.COM – TRENGGALEK – East Java Deputy Governor Emil Elestianto Dardak encouraged district/city governments that have coastal areas to make it a modern green open space concept. It was like it was built at Taman Wisata Prigi Beach 360, Trenggalek. This effort is a barometer of regional tourism revitalization.

“I am very happy, everything is done in detail and very precise with the pictures. This can be a reference for the arrangement of beach tourism parks in other areas,” Emil said while reviewing the construction of the Prigi Beach Park in Prigi 360, Trenggalek, Friday, January 10, 2020.

Accompanied by the Official Commitment of the Construction of the Prigi 360 Beach Park, Ani Virginia and Secretary of Trenggalek Joko Irianto, Emil first entered the center of the all-round hawker center with the right and left sides of the park.

He then proceeded to take a close look at the park’s infrastructure while chatting with some visitors who were sitting leisurely in the gazebo while enjoying views of Prigi Beach 360 from a distance.

Emil hopes that the Trenggalek Regency Government makes the Prigi Beach Park as a new standard for the development of coastal tourism areas, both in the Karanggongso region, in this case, the Pasir Putih Beach to the Pearl Beach on the east side of the Prigi Beach, and those on the west side, as well as Cengkrong and Damas Beaches.

“Because this is a design standard, a standard barometer of tourism facilities. Not only in Trenggalek, but this is for other regions as well,” he said.

Emil hopes that the Prigi Beach tourism area will become a tourism-based growth center.

That way, the center can help improve the welfare of residents.

“We are grateful Selingkar Wilis and Pesisir Selatan have become one of the three focus areas in Perpres 80/2019. This could be a stimulant to encourage accelerated development,” he said.

Confirmed separately, the Regional Secretary of Trenggalek Regency, Joko Irianto, said that the additional facilities in the Prigi Beach area will attract tourists to come.

“Tourists can come in the morning, noon or night because the facilities are already supportive. Tourists can also stay at our hotel or privately owned hotel. Besides, they can be active in this area,” Joko said.

Trenggalek Regency Government itself, he said, had poured additional funds at the Culture and Tourism Office, and some of the funds were used for the treatment of existing vehicles.

“We are also proposing an additional development fee in the same area to the central government of Rp19 billion to continue the construction of existing kiosks on either side of the park (Priri Beach) and the construction of a similar beach park in the Karanggongso (White Sand Beach) area,” he said.

The budget is also projected to build a bridge that also functions as a tourist boatyard. So that it is well ordered, he said. (gas)