Turkey Becomes the Choice of Tourist Destination for Indonesian People during the Pandemic Period

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NUSADAILY.COM – JAKARTA – During the COVID-19 pandemic, Turkey became the destination country for many Indonesians to vacation.

Intan Permatasari Santosa, operational manager of Tour Operations Manager of Nusantara Tour based in Semarang, Central Java, said some domestic tourists or their customers are starting to look to Turkey because Indonesians can already visit them.

“Because it is the only choice of other countries’ destinations that have been opened for tourists to Indonesia, where the visa process is also quite easy because the visa is on arrival so they don’t need significant documents,” said Intan to ANTARA in Singapore, Thursday.

Intan said some of the requirements and documents needed to go to Turkey include the results of a swab, swab, for departure, a photocopy of your passport and fees to pay for a visa upon arrival.

“It’s really easy, that’s why it’s in demand for Turkey and Turkey has been open since three months ago and people are also getting bored at home, there’s no other choice, so let’s just go to Turkey. There is Morocco, but there is less interest, ”said Intan.

Carmeta Tour
Not much different from Nusantara Tour, Merryanti Timadius General Manager of Carmeta Tour, Palembang also said the same thing. In the travel agency managed by him, there are already six individual non-group departures who depart for Turkey.

“We already have six individuals but not a group. Now many people choose domestic, if we are in Palembang many people travel to Lampung because there is already a toll road so it is only 3.5 hours from Palembang, “said Merry.

Merry said Lampung is now a favorite tourist destination in Palembang because it can be reached only by car. Areas that are usually visited are Pahawang Island and Tegal Mas or places that are good at snorkeling and have white sand.

“This is very grateful to Pak Jokowi for having access, if it weren’t for this infrastructure it wouldn’t have happened. “If you go to Labuan Bajo, tickets are expensive, people use rapid laziness, now they are busy using the car as a family to Lampung,” Merry concluded. (Mic)

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