The Extraordinary Beautiful Eon Fetnay Hill Is Now Crowded To Be Visited

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NUSADAILY.COM – SOUTH CENTRAL TIMOR – Recently, one of the most visited tourist attractions in South Central Timor Regency is Eon Fetnay Bolapalelo Hill, Oelbubuk Village, Mollo Tengah District. The place has a beautiful natural panorama.

It is hard to forget for those who have visited, because it is captivating. Nusadaily Sunday (22/11) had the opportunity to visit that place and it was true, the view was truly extraordinary.

The location of Bolaplelo tourist attractions is very strategic. Because it is not far from the main road connecting Soe, the capital city of Timor Tengah Selatan Regency and several sub-districts in the northern part of Timor Tengah Selatan Regency. Such as Mollo Tengah, Mollo Utara, Fatumnasi, Nunbena and Tobu Districts.
Nusadaily observes that there are no entrance fees to enter the tourist sites. But only a box is prepared at the entrance to the location for voluntary donations from visitors.

The initiator of tourist attractions, Semmy Sanam, SH, who is also a member of the South Central Timor Regency DPRD who was met by Nusadaily, said that the pioneered tourist spots are free of charge. “We do not charge fees, only voluntary boxes. The goal is to build a church which is currently under construction, “he said.

Added to the church that is being built is the Firdaus Ministry Post, a branch of the Mother Church of Gethsemane Oelbubuk. He emphasized that he did not collect retribution from visitors at all because it was God’s gift.

“We are aware that this natural beauty is given by God to be managed so that it is beneficial for humans so that those who come to visit are free of charge,” he explained.

Many Come from Various Regions
It was said that many residents came from various regions to enjoy the natural beauty of Bolaplelo. “Residents of Kupang City, Kupang Regency, TTU Regency and there are also foreign tourists who visit such as from America,” he said.

While residents who come here besides seeing the beauty of nature, some also take photos. There are even pre-wedding photos.

While there are foreign tourists who offer to work together in building a gliding location. However, because Covid has hit the world, this cooperation has not yet been implemented.
“I am very optimistic that if this disease ends, this hope will be realized,” he said.

Meanwhile, a resident of Anderias Taosu is preparing a horse to serve visitors at Eon Fetnay Hill. (Meo / aka)

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