Sirah Kencong , the Beautiful and Cool Tea Garden

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Wisata Kebun Teh Sirah Kencong Kabupaten Blitar Jawa Timur.
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NUSADAILY.COM – BLITAR – Blitar Regency is very rich in tourism potential. Ranging from mountains, waterfalls, beaches, cultural tourism to tea plantations. And a very beautiful and quite famous tea plantation is the Sirah Kencong Tea Plantation.

This is one of the hits tourist destinations in Blitar. Launch, visitors to this region on weekends can reach thousands. That is because of the easy access to the road to Sirah Kencong.

Tea plantations in Blitar with a height of about 1000 meters above sea level in addition to offering a cool view typical of a tea plantation also offers comfort while enjoying the atmosphere in this tea garden. Especially on a normal day that is not too many visitors.

Blitar’s Sirah Kencong Tea Plantation is administratively located in Ngadirenggo Village, Wlingi District, Blitar Regency. With the road conditions that are already very good, the journey from Wlingi to the Sirah Kencong Tea Plantation takes approximately 30 minutes.

Many Travel Destinations in Kebuh Teh Sirah Kencong
The Sirah Kencong Tea Plantation does not only offer unique mountain scenery, complete with soothing green tea trees. In addition, visitors can also enjoy the chill of the waterfall that is still in one plantation area. There are also temples in this area, although the conditions are also alarming.

This tea plantation is also very suitable for those who like outdoor activities. Visitors can climb to Mount Butak which takes about 12 hours drive from Sirah Kencong to its peak. Visitors can also camp cheerfully at Brak Papat and Wukir Negoro, which take around an hour to travel.

The superior product of this tea factory is the black tea brand KenTea which means Kencong Tea or tea from Sirah Kencong. Most of these black tea products are exported to the Middle East region. Black teas are shaped like grains of black pellets, with a unique taste and different from the tea on the market.

Kencong sirah tea products can be purchased at the ticket window. Tea boxes look neatly lined up in a window that can be used as souvenirs for a month from this tea plantation area. So visitors can try the pleasure of this tea. Enough with just one teaspoon for a glass of tea, because the taste of black tea tends to sepet.

Over time, now many interesting points can be visited. Even some points also appear construction of photo booths.

It’s good to come to this area during the dry season, because if the rainy season we can only take shelter. Especially if it rains in this plantation, including durable. So if it rains, it can be all day long.

How to get to the Kencong Sirah Tea Plantation
There are several routes and roads leading to the Sirah Kencong tea plantation, but of the many existing roads, the easiest route is via the Tegalasri, Wlingi route. Most of the roads have used asphalt, only at a few points in the form of cast roads.

Entrance ticket to the Kencong Sirah Tea Plantation
An entrance ticket is required to enter the Sirah Kencong tea estate. 5,000 per person, while motorcycle parking is charged Rp. 2,000 per motorcycle and car park Rp. 5,000

Nature tourism is perfect for cooling down tired minds. Especially after this corona. So later after Corona just go straight to this Kencong Sirah. Guaranteed ade ati mind calm. We can enjoy the beautiful scenery and cool weather that is not inferior to Batu City. (aka)