Enjoy the Beauty of Yogyakarta from a Height at Heha Sky View

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NUSADAILY.COM – JAKARTA – Yogyakarta is indeed special. Many people can’t move on after visiting this city. Its magical charm can bewitch anyone to return to visit Yogyakarta.

One way to enjoy the beauty of Yogyakarta is to visit tourist destinations that offer natural beauty, such as the Heha Sky View.

Heha Sky View is a three-story dining place that carries the concept of selfies with natural and garden landscapes. The first floor is designed family friendly and equipped with air conditioning. Then the second floor of the restaurant caters to group visitors and is equipped with fans and windows that are always open. Next on the third floor is a half open rooftop. This floor contains the iconic selfie photo spot from Heha Sky View, namely Sky Glass.

This iconic photo spot takes the form of a glass terrace. Heha Sky View recommends that visitors who want to take pictures on the Sky Glass are up to four people for safety reasons. This place also provides special footwear for visitors who want to take pictures on the Sky Glass.

During the afternoon to the afternoon, visitors can enjoy the beauty of the hills and the amazingly beautiful sunset. But once night falls, the flickering of the luxurious city lights becomes the main treat.

Other Facilities

This place also provides a bean bag area which is right next to the Sky Balloon area. Then there is also a garden in the form of a terrace, live music every day in the Sky View Area, a prayer room with a capacity of 50 people, toilets, and a parking area.

Another facility offered is the gift shop at the exit. Besides that, there are also gallery facilities that can be rented out as a place for art exhibitions and more. The gallery is right in front of the lobby.

So, for selfies, nature and culinary addicts, HeHa Sky View can be the right choice of a tourist destination. Even though the place has just opened, it is able to attract the attention of travelers or beautiful photo hunters to come to this destination located in Gunungkidul. (Mic)

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