Bukit Jaddih Madura, Dutch Bunker Is Now a Tourist Spot

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Wisata Bukit Jaddih Madura (explore madura)
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NUSADAILY.COM – BANGKALAN – Madura has one of the charming tourist destinations, Bukit Jaddih. No wonder, if the white limestone rocks located in Jakan, Parseh, Socah, Bangkalan Regency, Madura captivate the hearts of foreign and domestic tourists to visit this tourist spot.

Jaddih Hill is a bunker of former Dutch heritage. The bunker used to be a storage area for weapons. Then, Jaddih Hill became a place of limestone mining until now.

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Jaddih Hill is not well conditioned in governance, because basically each area has its own manager (like each land), so many local residents charge their own costs in various locations. No wonder, if there are still many pungli or withdrawal of non-official tickets.

To get to this destination, visitors can use two wheels and four wheels. For security, the road to Jaddih Hill is a bit prone (begal). It would be nice to use two wheels must be in a group or waiting for another group of motorcycles.

Sailing on the Lake Between Bukit Kapur

It’s a big mistake to think of traveling here just to climb the limestone hills. Traveling in Bukit Jaddih is even more memorable with the experience of sailing on the lake. There are a number of rafts ready to take visitors to explore this lake called Blue Lake.

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One raft can be filled with 6-7 people. While walking along the lake, visitors can see the amazing view of this former weapon storage destination. The water is still natural enough to be caged. Visitors can also ask the guide to stop and take pictures in interesting places.

Interesting Photo Spots

Capturing the moment during your visit to Jaddih Hill is a must. Many visitors who come there are willing to heat up in the middle of Jaddih Hill to produce a very instagramable photo. Often targeted photo locations for pre and post-wedding with an alluring natural feel.

Souvenirs in Goa Pote (White Cave)

It is not complete if you visit a tourist attraction without bringing home souvenirs. In this goa pote shop visitors can buy clothes, food, and other typical Madurese souvenirs.

The charm of Jaddih Hill which was once a Dutch bunker is well worth visiting you traveler lovers. (eky)