Help Hybrid Working, Zoom Add Virtual Receptionist Features

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NUSADAILY.COM – JAKARTA – Zoom introduces new features that aim to help users get back to work from work and work from home, or hybrid working, one of which is through the virtual receptionist feature.

“Businesses can use technology to empower workers wherever they are, streamline collaboration between workers in the office and remotely, and make the transition back to the office as smooth as possible,” Zoom announced the update in its official blog, quoted Friday.

“With a video-enabled workspace powered by Zoom, your team can continue to work safely and effectively from anywhere. Our Zoom Rooms, Zoom Rooms Appliances, and Zoom for Home solutions are loaded with features designed to support hybrid working and help businesses re-enter the office safely,” Zoom added.

Zoom Room Kiosk Mode will allow virtual receptionists to welcome guests from Zoom Rooms for Touch devices, while Neat Sense will allow users to monitor and manage indoor air quality and humidity.

Other features include the ability to check how many people are in a room, the ability to pair a Zoom Room with a mobile phone and share a whiteboard in Zoom Chat.

Zoom, quoted from Gadgets 360, said the virtual reception feature available in Zoom Rooms Kiosk Mode is now “generally available.”

Other Features

Another feature will let users see how many people are in a room in real time, using zoom dashboard and scheduling display. This can help users ensure that social distancing protocols are followed and meeting rooms are not very full.

Neat Sense allows users to monitor and regulate air quality, humidity, carbon dioxide levels, and more, as well as the number of people in the room. Data and statistics for this will be widely available on the Zoom dashboard from February 11 onwards.

Zoom Rooms for Touch lets users control the desktop of the person sharing the screen. Zoom Rooms also has the option to select Gallery View while content is being shared. Users can also share files directly via ultrasound on Zoom for Home devices.

Users can pair their Android or iOS devices to join meetings in the Zoom Room. Meanwhile, Windows, Mac and Zoom Rooms Appliance devices can view transcription in real-time.

The IT team will also have more controls to allow or restrict users from entering zoom on a self-managed Zoom for Home device. Admins can also ask those using Zoom Room Appliances and Zoom for Home to set up a PIN.

Meanwhile, Zoom says that enhanced voice commands for Zoom Rooms are currently in beta. (mic)