Typical Food of Trenggalek, Spicy Gegok Rice

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NUSADAILY.COM – TRENGGALEK – Nasi Gegok is a typical Trenggalek food which is currently enjoyed by the Trenggalek community and outside the region. Besides being famous for its cheapness, the spicy seasoning of Nasi Gegok makes us always want to eat it.

Processed rice mixed with anchovies and tuna chilli are sold in the mountainous area on the north side of Trenggalek, to be precise in Bendungan District. The price of one pack of gegok rice is quite cheap, which only sells for IDR 3 thousand.

Besides being known as Nasi Gegok, this food is also known as Sego Gegok or an acronym for “Sego Genem Godhong Gedang” which means rice wrapped in banana leaves.

One of the Sego Gegok Indri traders, admitted that the way to make this food is different from other dishes. Half-cooked rice that has been cooked beforehand is wrapped in banana leaves along with anchovies and tuna chili sauce.

“After that, it’s steamed until cooked, so that the chili flavor can blend with the rice. Initially only with anchovies chili sauce, but now there are many variations of the taste. Some use tuna and some use chicken offal. ” jelsnya.

Sego Gogok is now sold in several villages in Bendungan District, such as the entrance to Bendungan District, to be precise along the Ngares Village, there are many Sego Gegok stalls.

“In the past, only residents of Srabah Village were selling, but now there are many who sell it. The special characteristic is in the spicy sauce and the seasoning is mixed with rice. ” he added.

One Slamet resident admitted that this food is very suitable for people who have a spicy appetite. In addition, if you want to bring food home, the place is also practical and durable.

“Because one portion of the package is not too big, I usually finish two portions when I eat Sego Gegok. Because here the atmosphere is cool so it is suitable to eat spicy food. ” he said after eating Sego Gego at one of the stalls in Ngares Village, Bendungan District. (aby / cal)