The Explosion in Malang Raya Is Heard until the Morning

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Suara dentuman misterius (foto: istimewa)
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NUSADAILY.COM – MALANG – About 6 hours the sound of banging was heard by the people of Malang Raya. The banging began to be heard at 23.40 WIB until 05.37 WIB.

Malang Geophysical Station stated that it was exploring the source of the explosion. Sensor records don’t record anomalies. Although the sound of banging is heard for up to 6 hours.

“Regarding the sound of the bang in Malang Raya last night, we are still figuring out the exact source, considering from our sensor recording there is no anomaly,” Malang Geophysical Station Chief Mamuri told reporters on Wednesday (3/2/2021) morning.

Some malang and Surabaya residents also said that they had heard the bang.

“Malang south precisely bajulmati from last night until now (this morning) still sounded banging,” tweeted the @mohamad57586164 reply to the twitter account BPBD Malang City.

“The voice initially sounded louder, but then it got a little louder and happened over and over again,” said Hikmah (40), a resident living in sawojajar area, Kedungkandang District, Malang City.

Not all citizens can calculate in detail how many times a bang occurs. However, the bang can be heard continuously.

“Hear it continuously at low intervals, many times,” said Lala, a resident of Sawojajar Housing, Malang City, another. (nda/kal)