Governor Khofifah: Don’t Refuse 14 days of Isolation! Isolation Not Alienation

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NUSADAILY.COM – SURABAYA – The Governor of East Java, is not desperate to issue an appeal so that East Java residents in the Corona epicenter area do not go home to break the chain of this virus.

The epicenter area was DKI Jakarta, Depok, Bekasi, Bogor, West Java, Banten. Moreover, Indonesian migrant workers in Malaysia, China, America, and other countries.

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However, if those who were already on their way or had arrived, Khofifah requested that they not refuse observation for 14 days or isolation.

“I plead with that, who have come to not refuse if there is a temperature check, data collection, and observation for 14 days. So we ordered all the ranks of village heads in East Java to prepare an observation room rather near their home, the elementary school building, “said the first female governor in East Java.

Breaking the Virus Spread Chain
This step is the main key to break the chain of deployment of Covid -19. Such as the application of physical distancing, social distancing, to lockdown in Wuhan China, and other countries. If the people are not disciplined in working together to help each other, then this storm is difficult to pass.

Khofifah also asked if there were known positive rapid tests, his understanding was requested not to be ostracized. The positive rapid test will continue with the PCR swab test. It is only if the PCR results are positive that it must be treated.

This positive patient recovery factor, said Khofifah, aside from the strong antibodies in the human body against the Covid virus allergen, also from the inner conviction healed not fear or even ostracized.

“We need to remind all East Java residents that isolation or observation is not alienation, or ostracized. They must be encouraged so that the antibody is strong and in the 14 day incubation period, this virus will lose so that the next test is negative, “he said on some press conference conferences.

Data from the Covid Task Force for East Java Province, inter-city travelers in East Java, the traffic per day on D-2 Lebaran or the peak period reached 5,500. So there will be an observation room around the 15,000s.

The current wave of homecoming is predicted to reach 20,000. Because Lamongan alone has registered there will be 10,000 going home. For this reason, the East Java Provincial Government is preparing 18,000 rapid tests today, and a 14-day isolation room in villages (ima)