The King of Hong Kong Local Media, Jimmy Lai was Arrested, Accused of Supporting the Riot

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Polisi huru-hara menembakkan gas air mata ke arah kerumunan orang untuk membubarkan para pengunjuk rasa pemrotes undang-undang keamanan nasional di Hong Kong, China, Rabu (1/7/2020). ANTARA FOTO/REUTERS/Tyrone Siu/nz/cfo
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NUSADAILY.COM-JAKARTA – Hong Kong riot supporter Jimmy Lai Chee Ying was arrested on charges of violating the Hong Kong National Security Act. He was accused of colluding with foreign powers.

Several sources close to the Hong Kong Police, Monday, 10 August 2020 morning, confirmed the activist’s arrest. Jimmy is also a founder of lifestyle tabloids at the Hong Kong Apple Daily, according to official Chinese media reports.


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It is the first time a local media mogul has been arrested on charges of violating Hong Kong’s National Law.

The law is enacted as of 30 June 2020 with four types of criminal offenses in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR). Namely, secession, subversion of state power, terrorist activities, and collusion with foreign powers to endanger national security.

Lai was arrested several times in previous years on charges of being involved in an association that violated the law and intimidated journalists. Also violated police orders, and clashed with police.

However, this man also received guarantees several times, accompanied by a ban on traveling abroad. This time he was accused of being involved in the Hong Kong riots some time ago.

Lai could be sentenced to the maximum sentence, life imprisonment. Because according to the law the main criminal offender will face harsh penalties.

Local media in Hong Kong also reported that apart from Lai, six other people including his two sons had also been arrested for colluding with foreign powers.

Lai was also accused of fraud. (yos)

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