Strengthening Harmony and Tolerance, Minister of Religion Asks to Optimize Community Services

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asrama haji ntt
Menteri Agama Fachrul Razi saat meresmikan Asrama Haji di NTT.
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NUSADAILY.COM – JAKARTA – To strengthen harmony and tolerance, the Minister of Religion Fachrul Razi asked local leaders and officials to improve the quality and optimize service for the people.

“I ask the Provincial Office of the Ministry of Religion as the manager, to make the Haj hostel take the role of strengthening harmony and tolerance,” said the Minister of Religion after inaugurating the Hajj hostel in Kupang, NTT, Saturday, November 28, 2020.

Present on this occasion was the Deputy Governor of NTT, Josef Nae Soi. Accompanying the Minister of Religion, Acting Director General of Haj and Umrah Implementation Oman Fathurahman, Director General of Christian Community Guidance Thomas Pentury, and Head of Regional Office of the Ministry of Religion of NTT Sarman Marselinus.

The Minister of Religion appreciated the NTT Ministry of Religion Regional Office’s policy of utilizing the Kupang Hajj hostel as a hostel for students from Papua and West Papua who are currently studying at the NTT State Christian Institute (IAKN). They are the recipients of scholarships from the Ministry of Religion under the ‘We Love Papua’ program.

Efforts to Strengthen Social Cohesion

According to the Minister of Religion, the policy is a concrete manifestation of efforts to strengthen social cohesion in NTT. The Minister of Religion considered that tolerance and harmony were very important to strengthen the unity and integrity of the Indonesian nation. “Hajj dormitories can be a component or facility that is not only used for services to the Haj and Umrah pilgrims. But also for the people of NTT at large, “he said.

Head of Urais Binsyar Jamaluddin Malik, who is also the PPK of the Antara Kupang Hajj Dormitory Development, reported. That the building which was recently inaugurated by the Minister of Religion was built with facilities equivalent to three stars. The NTT Hajj dormitory building stands on an area of ​​1.2 hectares, has a capacity of 42 rooms with 168 beds. Each room in this three-story building can accommodate four people.

In addition to inaugurating the Hajj dormitory building, during a working visit to NTT, the Minister of Religion also inaugurated the transformation of the State Christian Religious College into the State Christian Religious Institute (IAKN), greeted student recipients of the Kita Cinta Papua scholarship, and met with interfaith leaders. (hud / ian)

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