Shows No Negative Effects During Clinical Trials, Sinopharm Apply For Vaccine Marketing License

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Vaksin COVID-19 (ANTARANews/Istimewa)
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NUSADAILY.COM – JAKARTA – One of the Chinese pharmaceutical giants, Sinopharm, applied for permission to market the COVID-19 vaccine after there were no negative effects on several people who received injections during clinical trials of up to three stages.

Applications have been submitted to the National Medical Products Agency (NMPA) for immediate study, Deputy General Manager Sinopharm Shi Shengyi was quoted as saying by China’s national medina, Thursday.

According to him, with this permit, the vaccine that the public is waiting for will soon be available on the market.

Two vaccine candidates that have been developed by Sinopharm’s subsidiary, China National Biotec Group Co (CNBG), have received approval for use in emergency purposes since last July.

Several Chinese medics and community groups at high risk have received the injection of the two vaccine candidates made by CNBG.

Nearly a million people in emergency situations have used the CNBG vaccine without any reports of adverse effects.

Based on a survey, the vaccine that uses the inactivated virus is unable to duplicate itself in human cells to generate immunity, so two doses are needed.

Sinopharm CEO Liu Jingzhen said the vaccine candidate had gone through the third phase of clinical trials in 10 countries, including the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Egypt, Peru and Argentina, involving 60,000 people being injected.

Blood samples were drawn from 40,000 people within 14 days of the second injection and the results were good, Liu said.

He also added that among Chinese citizens who had been injected with the Sinopharm vaccine, namely construction project workers, diplomats, and students who wanted to travel abroad, no one was infected with COVID-19. (Mic)

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