Puan: Ramadan Momentum To Increases Piety

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Puan Maharani
Ketua DPR RI Puan Maharani. ANTARA/HO-DPR RI/aa. (Handout DPR RI)
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NUSADAILY.COM – JAKARTA – Chairman of the House of Representatives of the Republic of Indonesia Puan Maharani invites the public to make the holy month of Ramadan a momentum to increase piety, train patience, and increase concern for others.

“Alhamdulillah we meet again the holy month of Ramadan, although still in a pandemic atmosphere,” said Puan in his statement in Jakarta on Tuesday.

He said that for over a year the COVID-19 pandemic taught us all to be more patient and patient, as well as more disciplined in carrying out health protocols.

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In addition, according to him, pandemic also teaches about the importance of caring for others who are struggling because of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Caring for others, working together to help our brothers and sisters affected by the pandemic,” he said.

PDI Perjuangan politicians hope that in Ramadan, piety and concern for others can be increased.

Puan urged the community to help all victims and families of victims of natural disasters to quickly recover from injuries and other difficulties.

“Including for the victims of the earthquake in the southern coastal region of East Java. May the victims and the families of the victims be given strength, immediately recover from the injuries and suffering from the disaster,” he said.

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In addition, he also urged the public to remain disciplined in complying with health protocols to prevent the transmission of COVID-19. According to him, discipline, patience, laughter, and caring for others are the values of fasting.

“Let’s improve again to live those values in this Holy Month. Make this fasting month for self-introspection and pray for the pandemic to be resolved quickly,” he said. (ros)