Professor from State University of Malang Finds Cleaning Tools for Covid-19 Patient’s Room

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Alat pembersih ruang pasien Covid-19 temuan Prof. Amin guru besar UM. (foto: istimewa)
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NUSADAILY.COM – Prof. Amin, a professor in Malang State University (UM), did not stop innovating. Various tips have been conveyed in his efforts to tackle Covid-19. Most recently he made a Corona Virus patient’s room cleaning kit.

According to him, SARS-CoV2 which causes corona virus diseases 2019 (covid19) with a very rapid spread through droplet infection. So that pandemic in the world. Then it needs efforts to reduce the spread and infection. So that the number of patients decreases and health workers stay awake.

Because of transmission through droplet infection, prevention of transmission is done by mechanism that reduces transmission itself. “The trick is to clean and sterilize the rooms exposed to co-19,” said Prof. Amin, Professor of FMIPA Malang State University (UM).

According to him, a virus-free room makes patients treated quickly recover because they avoid recurrent infections. Likewise health workers (doctors and nurses) are also free from exposure to the virus. “This innovation is in the form of a tool to filter the patient’s room air, ADP dressing room (self-protection tools for health workers (doctors, nurses),” he explained.

With the basic ingredients in the form of high-temperature activated carbon, continued Amin, the catalyst membrane and membrane containing nanoparticles. All ingredients are prepared to catch and kill microbes (including viruses, fungi and bacteria).

He explained, the product of this air filter is clean air free of germs (especially viruses). So that patients treated in the nursing room recover faster and health workers awake from exposure to the virus. Because the air as a place to transmit the virus has been filtered. (Aka)