President Jokowi: At The Beginning of 2021 Indonesia Experience Various Trials

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Tangkapan layar - Presiden RI Joko Widodo. (ANTARA/Rangga)
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NUSADAILY.COM – JAKARTA – President Joko Widodo says Indonesia is experiencing various severe trials as it enters 2021.

“Throughout 2020 and entering 2021, we face several trials, some very severe trials, the COVID-19 pandemic that has hit the world 215 countries and Indonesia has resulted in a health crisis and economic crisis,” Said President Jokowi while delivering a virtual speech at the opening of the Full Working Assembly of the Fellowship of Churches in Indonesia (MPL-PGI) in Jakarta, Monday.

But President Widodo said Indonesia was among the countries that could control the two crises well.

“But the problem is not yet fully resolved. The pandemic is still ongoing and we are still on high alert and on standby. A few days ago, South Kalimantan was hit by floods that hit several districts and cities, landslides in Sumedang, sriwijaya air accidents, and also earthquakes in West Sulawesi in Mamuju and Majene,” said the President.

The president said governments and communities must work hard to reduce disaster risks and are always on standby to deal with them.

“I express my highest appreciation, the highest appreciation to the PGI extended family at all levels who have helped ease the burden on our brothers and sisters affected by pandemics and disasters, and also move together with other elements of the nation,” said the President.

President Jokowi delivered three messages to members of the MPL-PGI session. The first is related to the COVID-19 vaccination which will be injected to 181.5 million Indonesians before 2021.

“We have ordered 426 million doses of vaccines from 4 different companies and countries, we have prepared 30 thousand vaccinators, 10 thousand health centers, and 3 thousand hospitals that will support vaccination. I invite all Christians and PGI ranks to jointly help the government succeed this vaccination program,” said the President.

PGI Is Expected to Educate the Community
PGI is expected to educate the public, provide correct information that vaccination will be one of the paths to be able to recover and rise from the pandemic while still implementing health protocols.

“Second, related to national economic recovery, acceleration and economic revival continue to be pursued by the government. The government has prepared a budget of Rp372.3 trillion to boost purchasing power and public consumption, as well as accelerate the recovery of the national economy,” said Pesiden.

In 2021, according to President Jokowi, social protection programs will continue. These programs are Sembako Card Program, Family Hope Program, Cash Social Assistance, Pre-Work Card and Village Cash Direct Assistance.

“In addition, there are also incentives for health workers and business incentives, including Working Capital Assistance for MSMEs to be able to survive and move back,” said the President added.

The third message is for PGI to participate in maintaining Indonesia’s diversity.

“Tolerance is a noble attitude in the face of diversity and unity will only arise if we recognize and respect differences. Let us take care of Indonesia together, we continue to take care and practice the values of Pancasila,” said the President. (ros)