Philippines Destroys 39,000 Chicken for Preventing Bird Flu Outbreaks

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Filipina dikabarkan diserang oleh wabah flu burung. (foto: antara)
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NUSADAILY.COM – MANILA – The Philippines said Wednesday that it had destroyed nearly 39,000 thousand chickens on a poultry farm north of Manila.

This was done in order to prevent an outbreak of bird flu after more than four months of finding an infection in a nearby province.

The Department of Agriculture’s Animal Industry Bureau (DA) found the H5N6 subtype which is highly contagious from influenza A viruses. On egg-producing farms in San Luis City, Pampanga Province.

After confirming the report, the team of veterinarians and animal health workers immediately implemented the control measures. By destroying 38,701 birds and disposing of the carcasses, according to a DA statement.

In March DA discovered a bird flu outbreak involving a similar virus at a quail farm in Jaen City, Nueva Ecija Province. At that location around 1,500 quails died and around 12,000 were destroyed.

Initial investigations by DA revealed the existence of migratory birds in the City of San Luis. Related to avian influenza outbreaks in many countries, including the Philippines.

DA mentioned broiler chicken, the main source of poultry meat. Not affected by the latest outbreak. (Aka)