New Lake Emerges in Kupang City After Being Hit by Seroja Storm

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Danau baru muncul di Kelurahan Sikumana, Kota Kupang, Provinsi Nusa Tenggara Timur, usai terjadi bencana alam badai siklon tropis seroja, Minggu (18/4/2021). (FOTO ANTARA/ Benny Jahang)
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NUSADAILY.COM – KUPANG – The natural disaster of tropical cyclone Seroja that hit East Nusa Tenggara Province impacted the emergence of a new lake covering two hectares in RT14/RW06, Sikumana Village, Maulafa District, Kupang City.

“This lake began to form when tropical cyclone Seroja hit this area. On Monday (5/4) morning we saw the water expanding and remembering all the farmland owned by farmers. The area of puddles is expanding,” said Hendrik Lasa, a resident of RT14/RW06, Sikumana Village when found in Kupang Sunday.

He claimed that the land that had been formed into the lake was previously used as agricultural land owned by residents to grow crops.

As a result of the lake so that all agricultural crops such as corn, beans, chickpeas and coconuts that are ready to harvest all drowned the newly formed lake water.

Henrik Lasa said that after decades of living in the region, there had never been an event like this.

“This is the first time this has happened that we are very worried about a new disaster because the water level continues to increase,” he said.

According to him, the water level of the lake continues to increase because the water flowing from tangkolo springs and new springs in the region is increasing.

“There are dozens of new springs that appear around this lake so that the water level continues to increase. We are worried that it could have a wide impact and cause a new disaster to the residential area in Sikumana if the water of this lake continues to increase,” said Hendrik Lasa.

Meanwhile, Batz Sebaneno (38), another local resident said since the lake was formed two weeks ago a number of new springs appeared in the homes of locals.

“We have been unable to cook in the kitchen because water has appeared in the house since the lake was formed. Even in front of our house there is also a new spring,” he said. (eky)