Nearly 8,000 People Evacuated Due to “Apple Fire” in California

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Arsip: Api membakar kawasan hutan di Santa Paula, California, Amerika Serikat, Kamis (31/10/2019) dalam gambar yang diambil dari media sosial. ANTARA FOTO/Monica Monroe via REUTERS/wsj.
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NUSADAILY.COM – NEW YORK – Nearly 8,000 Riverside residents in Southern California, United States (US), were forced to evacuate their homes on Saturday (1/8), following forest fires that devoured up to 1,669 hectares of the area dubbed as Apple Fire.

Apple Fire, the name of the local firefighters who used to give the nickname of identification for each fire, was first reported on Friday (31/7) in the Cherry Valley region located about 120 kilometers east of Los Angeles.

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The fire initially appeared on about 283 hectares of area until it finally spread. And it hasn’t been extinguished in the slightest. At least destroy one family’s house on Saturday morning.

According to the Riverside fire department. A total of around 7,800 residents from 2,586 homes, have been asked to evacuate themselves.

The Riverside fire department also shared a number of photos of the fire through uploads on social media Twitter. Which shows the thick smoke soaring in the mountainous region. (Aka)

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