Losses Due to Floods in South Kalimantan Rp1,349 Trillion

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Arsip Foto. Banjir meliputi wilayah Desa Alat di Kabupaten Hulu Sungai Tengah, Kalimantan Selatan, Rabu (20/1/2021). (ANTARA FOTO/Muhammad Nova)
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NUSADAILY.COM – JAKARTA – The value of losses due to flood disasters that hit the South Kalimantan region is around Rp1.349 trillion according to the estimated Rapid Reaction Team of the Regional Resource Development Technology Center of the Agency for The Assessment and Application of Technology (BPPT).

“The estimated impact of losses as of January 22, 2021 from the education, health and social, agriculture, fisheries, infrastructure, and economic productivity sectors of the community is around Rp 1.349 trillion,” bppt Regional Resource Development Technology Center member Nugraheni Setyaningum told Nusadaily in Jakarta on Monday.

According to the estimates of the Rapid Reaction Team of the BPPT Regional Resource Development Technology Center. The value of losses in the education sector was around Rp30,446 billion, the health and social protection sector was around Rp27,605 billion, the infrastructure sector was around Rp424,128 billion, the fishery sector was around Rp46,533 billion, the community productivity sector was around Rp604,562 billion, and the agricultural sector was around Rp216,266 billion.

“The current estimates are quite representative describing possible losses,” said Nugraheni, who is a young engineer.

The data used in taking into account estimated losses due to flooding in South Kalimantan include data on the area of inundated areas based on spatial imagery. Land use data based on Indonesia Earth Map (RBI). Data from the National Disaster Management Agency (BNPB), rice age data from the Sample Area Framework (KSA) of the Central Statistics Agency, as well as data contained in local regulations.

Calculations are carried out to determine the estimated value of crop losses due to stagnant rice fields in the agricultural sector and in the fishery sector. Calculations are carried out to find out the value of losses due to the loss of aqua fish in empang, ponds, and ponds due to flooding.

Meanwhile, the value of losses in the infrastructure sector calculated includes the number of submerged houses, the number of houses affected, the number of schools damaged, and the number of places affected by flooding.

The bppt Regional Resource Development Technology Center’s Rapid Reaction Team estimates that the impact of flooding on tourism, transportation, agriculture and holticulture activities, environmental damage, sanitation facilities, and economic conditions in the long term.

Radar satellite imagery shows the area inundated by flooding in South Kalimantan is about 164,090 hectares.

According to BPPT, floods that in January 2021 hit the area of South Kalimantan occurred due to extreme rainfall and decreased land cover (high density vegetation / forest). Especially in upstream areas that perform water storage functions. (eky)