Full Moon Right Above the Ka’bah on January 28th

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Fenomena astronomi langka bulan purnama akan tepat berada di atas Ka'bah pada 28 Januari 2021.
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NUSADAILY.COM – JAKARTA – This is rare, a rare astronomical phenomenon, the full moon will be just above the Kaaba on January 28, 2021. The phenomenon will occur at midnight local time.

People can see with the naked eye a full moon that appears vertically above the Grand Mosque.

Melansir Al Arabiya, president of the Jeddah Astronomical Association, Majed Abu Zahira said the Moon will rise from the northern or northeastern horizon, and set on the northern or northwestern horizon.

“which means that it will simulate the high path of the summer sun after six months across the night sky. But north of the Arctic Circle, the Moon remains 24 hours above the horizon, like the midnight sun in summer,” Abu Zahira said.

Abu Zahira said the full moon will be parallel to the Kaaba at an altitude of 89.57.46 degrees and the disc is fully illuminated by 99.9 percent at a distance of 381,125 km from Earth.

The Middle East Monitor explains that the full moon appears just above the Grand Mosque of Makkah once every year.

When that happens, Makkah residents can see the full moon vertically above the Kaaba and in front of a constellation of twin stars.

In 2018, Abu Zahira said that the phenomenon helped Muslims from all corners of the world find qibla direction, the direction of Muslims during prayer.

In addition to the phenomenon of the full moon above the Kaaba, the phenomenon of the Sun above the Kaaba also occurs twice every year. When that happens, the Kaaba has no shadow. (han)