Ende Artists Make Cool Crafts in Acrilic Media

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NUSADAILY.COM – ENDE – Usually artists pour their ideas and work on wood or bamboo. But unlike Archy Said, a resident of Nanganesa, Ndona who carves using paralon, acrylic and glass.

Carving on paralon, acrylic and glass is often known as the art of engraving graphite. In Ende City, NTT Archy Province is the least of the graphite painters in Ende.

Carving in paralon, acrylic and glass has long been pursued by Archy Said. He began to pursue the art of graphic engraving in 2018 beginning with carving acrylic and glass, and in 2019, he carved in paralon media. But at that time he was just learning.

“I learned to carve on acrylic, glass and Paralon since 2018. It was still learning, while looking around on Youtube how to carve a graphite,” he said while carving.

The man, born in Ndona, 1994, said that that’s where he started working on producing artworks that not many people could do.

His work in the form of calligraphy, wall clocks, and lights of various motifs tailored to customer orders for birthday gifts, weddings, anniversary, office decorations, ceilings, etc.

“In a month there are about 10 orders that come into me and are erratic. Income is quite able to support me and my family,” he said.

“I was overwhelmed to make it, because only I myself worked, starting from carving, preparing the frame and adding the lights,” he said.

Even if it is not finished during the day he is forced to complete orders from his customers and must work until 04.00 wita dawn.

“The price that I patok is not expensive only Rp 300 thousand to Rp 350 thousand only per carving in the form of boxes. Because I also have to buy glass then also the cost of electricity to make this carving,” he said.

Supporting materials in the form of cables, fittings, plugs and LED lights 3 – 10 Watt. Everything can be completed within 3 -4 days for 1 lamp, he said.

Bookers Must Pay First Half

Customers who order the carvings are required to pay half of it in advance. Only then if the rest of the payment can be paid, can be through cash or transfer.

Currently in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic the number of orders is decreasing. Usually in a month there are 10 or more orders with an income of Rp 2 to Rp 3 million per month, now there are only about 6 orders only. A graph engraver matches the image to the engraving.
Currently the booker is still around ende city and around, and also if there are acquaintances who are from out of town.

If from outside the city, the amount ordered is not much, because it is dangerous if sent in large quantities because it is easily broken.

“They asked him for one to two paintings only. They sent me a photo through Whattsup with a new half payment and then I did,” he said.
As for orders from abroad to date does not exist, he added.

Once it happened he accidentally dropped a glass carving that was ready to be taken by the booker, so it had to start all over again.

“But from all that I can learn. From my mistakes I learned a lot already,” he said.

Want to Have Gallery

He used the living room in his house to store all his equipment and works that were ready to be taken by his customers.

“I have a dream that one day I can have my own gallery. So it will not make the living room in this house as messy as it is today,” he said.

Not only that, he hopes to have some employees who can help him make frames. So that the process of making orders of the bookers can also be faster and widely produced.

He even hopes that someday his work can be marketed to foreign countries. So hopefully the money can be set aside to build your own gallery.

Expect Government Assistance

Regarding the assistance from the Ende District government, he claimed to have never received it. He also hoped that there would be help from the government in order to buy some equipment.

Yudas Rango, one of the customers hopes that the government through the Cooperative and Small Business Office can prepare PEM funds. “Well from there small entrepreneurs like Archy can then be given capital. To them in order to develop the business. As archy said did,” he said.

The address, N.K.O Grafir Art (Paralon Decorative Lamp). Road. Flores, Nanganesa, Ende-Flires-NTT Regency
contact person Archy Said, no hp.
+62 822-3557-2088. (mtr/aka)