China Vaccine Still Viable Due to Efficacy Above Threshold

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Juru Bicara Vaksinasi COVID-19 dari Ikatan Dokter Indonesia (IDI) Iris Rengganis. (ANTARA/Andi Firdaus)
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NUSADAILY.COM – JAKARTA – Spokesperson of the Indonesian Doctors Association (PB IDI) Iris Rengganis said the Chinese-made vaccine is still worth using, because the efficacy of Chinese-made vaccines such as Sinovac, is still above the threshold set by the World Health Organization, WHO.

“Anyway WHO announced a minimum 50 percent efficacy. So anything above 50 percent is worth it. The important thing is that he is safe,” said Chairman of the Vaccination Implementation Advocacy Team as well as Spokesperson of PB IDI Iris Rengganis in a press statement received, in Jakarta, Wednesday. According to him, trials and clinical trials of the Sinovac vaccine have been conducted.

He said that in Brazil the test results showed a figure of 50.4 or 50.3 percent for Sinovac. “Because we need it in the pandemic, so we don’t see the brand very much anymore right now,” he said.

Most importantly, he said, the vaccine is available and safe. The question of effectiveness, according to him, does not need to be a problem that until it is addressed. “It will be a matter of effectiveness as it goes on.

If it needs to be repeated later, so it does not need to be addressed. The important thing about WHO is that it can pass its efficacy. All our research look at the effectiveness of vaccines,” he said.

China Vaccine Safe to Use

He said the efficacy of the vaccine had no impact on health. Then, according to him again, also will not poison the recipient of the vaccine, so the vaccine remains safe to use. He said that the efficacy of the COVID-19 vaccine cannot be compared because the efficacy of each country varies.

“We will see as time goes on the effectiveness of the vaccine that we will see later,” he said. Furthermore, he said, the plan to bring moderna and Pfizer vaccines in order to meet the needs in the country.

According to him, about 70 percent of Indonesians are targeted to receive COVID-19 vaccination. Therefore, the vaccine needed is certainly more. “So, we need more vaccines, we want from other countries, to meet the needs, for herd immunity to be achieved,” Iris said. (ros)