BTNGM Will Monitor Forest Damage Due to Mount Merapi Eruption

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Gunung Merapi mengeluarkan awan panas guguran pada Kamis (25/2). ANTARA/HO-Twitter BPPTKG
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NUSADAILY.COM – SLEMAN – Mount Merapi National Park Hall (BTNGM) will monitor forest areas on the slopes of Mount Merapi, especially on the west side to see the extent of vegetation damage due to the eruption this year.

“We will do monitoring using drones to be able to see the details of vegetation damage on the slopes of Mount Merapi on the southwest side,” said Head of Mount Merapi National Park (BTNGM) Pujiati in Sleman, Friday.

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According to him, monitoring the damage of vetegasi was done after several eruptions of Mount Merapi with incandescent lava fall slides and hot clouds on the southwest side of Merapi.

“Monitoring is also done to determine the steps that must be done post-eruption later, currently Mount Merapi is still several eruptions and launched volcanic material fall,” he said.

He said that monitoring with the drone is also to get an overview or the latest visual results of the forest under the supervision of BTNGM affected by the material fall of Mount Merapi.

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“We need to know first the visual damage. If there is a picture later we will determine what kind of step forward to be done,” he said.

Monitoring Will Be Conducted After Merapi Condition Subsides
Pujiati said that the monitoring will be done after the condition of Mount Merapi has subsided. Currently the volcanic activity of Mount Merapi is still quite high.

“Currently the activity status of Mount Merapi is still alert or level III. And there are still several eruptions with a glide distance of about one kilometer. We have not dared to fly a drone, later after its status drops,” he said.

He said that in addition, his party has not received any reports of merapi forest habitat animals that are down.

“From BTNGM officers at Srumbung Resort, Magelang has also not reported any animals of Merapi forest habitat that are down,” he said. (eky)