Aceh Need 100,000 More COVID-19 Vaccines

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NUSADAILY.COM – BANDA ACEH – Aceh’s archipelago of Simeulue Regency needs 108,572 vaccines to be injected into the community and health workers in the lobster producing area.

“The need for COVID-19 vaccine for Simeulue Regency is 108,572 vials (bottles),” said Head of Simeulue Asludin Health Office who was contacted from Banda Aceh on Monday.

Asludin said, of the total needs, it has an overall target of 54,286 ranging from health workers to the general public in Simeulue.

“If specifically for health workers the need for vaccines as many as 3,200 vials with a target number of 1,600 people,” he said.

Asludin said that the number of targets set was only as preliminary data, because later they will be examined again to see the health condition before being vaccinated.

“That’s just preliminary data, later in screening again, if there is a disease in the participants, then temporarily should not be vaccinated,” he said.

So far, continued Asludin, for this first stage, his party does not know how many vaccines will be given, because the distribution process has not been carried out by the Aceh Provincial Government.

“For the amount distributed it depends on the number of vaccines that the center gives,” asludin said.

Asludin added, if the vaccine has been distributed then the implementation of the vaccination is planned to take place from February 2021.

As is known, until today Aceh has received 27,880 doses of vaccine from the central government out of a total injection target of 3.7 million people.

For the first phase, vaccination is carried out for health workers and priority officials at the provincial level, Banda Aceh city and Aceh Besar regency.

Banda Aceh has distributed 12,760 doses, and Aceh Besar 5,080 doses. The remaining 10,040 are stored in the province.

While vaccines for 21 other districts/cities in Aceh have not been delivered, the distribution process is in the second term, starting february 15, 2021. (sak/ant)