The Task Terrain Of Lieutenant Surindro, The Father of Mohammad Prananda Prabowo (15)

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The Fall of the T-701 Skyvan Aircraft along with the Political Context inside

A. The memory of the Fall of the T-701 Skyvan Aircraft

Half a century ago, the crash of the Skyvan T-701, precisely on January 22, 1970. Those who were born after 1970 did not know of the unfortunate event in the history of military aviation.

Meanwhile, those who have been mature enough when the event happened, maybe have forgotten, or at least forgot to remember. Even if you remember it, you might be asking about three things, namely: (1) why the crash site of the “ringvan transport” Skyvan T-701 was in Biak waters, (2) in what military service context did First Lieutenant Surindro fly the Skyvan T-701 to Biak, Irian Jaya, and (3) what was found behind the wreckage of the aircraft and its flight crew could not be found. The lack of coverage in the 1970s gave rise to a “mysterious” impression of the disaster.

This paper examines data backward, half a century ago, to get answers to these questions. It is not easy indeed, because official information about it that can be accessed by the public is very limited.

On the other hand, at that time political rumors were speculating about the downfall of the Skyvan T-701 aircraft with the change of regime, from the Old Order to the New Order, bearing in mind that the unfortunate event was only four years from the fall of the Old Order (1966 ). The impression of “mysterious” is still felt today. Hopefully, this study gives a ray of bright light.