Mohammad Prananda Prabowo’s Ancestors: Bagelen, The Cross Period Of Bhumi Juang (11)

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The Traces of Maharaja Dyah Balitung, Nyi Ageng Bagelen to Sunan Geseng, Students of Sunan Kalijaga

From Tumenggung Tjokrodipo to Raja Balitung

Not much news was obtained about a long period from the era of Tumenggung Tjokrodipo and Maharaja of Belitung governments. Because it is a very long period (X century XVII CE), the following studies are divided into two periods: (1) Bagelen Period of Islamic Development, and (2) Bagelen Period of Hindu-Buddha.

2.1. Bagelen during the Islamic Development Period

It was Raden Mas Cakrajaya or Cokrojoyo, one of the students (santri) Sunan Kalijaga, who later received the name “Sunan Geseng”. In the oral data source (legend, oral tradition) Sunan Geseng was stated as meritorious as an “Islamic cruise” in Java in the land of South, from the east of Lukola River to DIY (Yogyakarta Special Region) and Magelang. Its influence is so strong in the South Kedu region, including Bagelen. The term “Geseng” was given by Sunan Kalijaga because Mas Cokrojoyo was so loyal to his orders. Who is R. M. Cokrojoyo?

A legend that needs to be examined for its accuracy states that Cokrojoyo is the son of Prince Semono. Samono is a descendant of King Brawijaya. There is also a link between Samono as a descendant of Nyi Ageng Bagelen, in the order: Nyi Ageng Bagelen – Bagus Gentong (Gento) – Raden Danarmoyo – Raden Tara Rengganis – Prince Semono (Pangeran Muryo) – Kyai Cokrojoyo I (Sunan Geseng). According to Babad Jalasutra, Cokrojoyo is also a student of Sunan Stage (Raden Watiswara), the grandson of Brawijaya V. However, there are also opinions that Sunan Panggung and Cokrojoyo are the same people.