Mohammad Prananda Prabowo From Father: The Blood Of “Ksatria” Trah Purworejo (9)

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Prananda’s Ancestral Origin

Previous exposure illustrates that the area of ​​origin of Prananda’s ancestors was neither Makassar nor Lampung. The presence of the Grandfather (Dr. Aris Dadi Tjokrodipo) in the two regions, due to carrying out their duties. However, the presence of grandfather in Bandar Lampung in the framework of that task left positive memories to date, as evidenced by the RSUD in Bandar Lampung located at Jln. Basuki Rachmat Number 73, Gilak Galik Subdistrict of North Betung Bay District, Bandar Lampung – said to be the hospital where he was serving – based on the Decree of Mayor of Bandar Lampung Number 36/09 / HK / 2011 about “Giving Names and Changes in Bandar Lampung Hospital” was given the new name “Dr. A. Dadi Tjokrodipo Hospital (abbreviated as” RSUDADT “). Hospital owned by Bandar Lampung City Government with type C is BULD (Regional Public Service Agency), as a referral hospital of 28 Parent Health Centers and 56 Supporting Puskesmas in Bandar Lampung.

Regarding the whereabouts of Dr. Aris Dadi Tjokrodipo in Bandar Lampung, in this city there is also a heritage architecture made in 1935 – said to be a place of rest from his busy routine, especially every Saturday and Sunday. Starting on Monday the doctor packs around to treat people. This heritage house is located at Jl. Imam Bonjol 33 Tanjung Karang Barat or next to the STIE Krakatau has been preserved until now. Named “Giri Tjondro (giri = mountain, tjondro = moon)”, because this house occupies a hilly land. Dr. Aris Dadi Tjokrodipo lived in this house until the end of his life (1974). As of 2000, all family members of his descendants have been moved to Jakarta.

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Dr. Aris Dadi Tjokrodipo spent his childhood until his Middle School education in Purworejo. After graduating from high school, in the era of the War of Independence (1945-1948), Aris Dadi Tjokrodipo studied medical Discipline at the University of Indonesia in the early 1946s. After graduating from college, he became a “traveling doctor”, who in his career had served in official duties in Ujungpandang and Bandar Lampung. On July 2-7, 1956 he participated in the “National Frambodia Symposium” in Lawang, Malang Regency under the leadership of Dr. R. Kodijat. At that time various places in Indonesia were hit by an outbreak of folk disease “Frambusia”, which is a disease caused by a chronic bacterial infection (germs) Troponema which affects the skin, bones, and cartilage. This disease, which often attacks tropical children (Africa, Asia, and Latin America), spreads through direct contact with the skin of infected people.