Mohammad Prananda Prabowo From Father: The Blood Of “Ksatria” Trah Purworejo (8)

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Ketua Bidang Ekonomi Kreatif PDI Perjuangan Muhammad Prananda Prabowo di Jalan Teuku Umar, Menteng, Jakarta, Rabu (24/7/2019). (JP/Dhoni Setiawan)
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The urgency of Someone’s Lineage

Javanese culture stakeholders indicate that there are three parameters in terms of a person’s background quality, which is synchronized with “3B”, namely: (1) weights, (2) seeds, and (3) bebet. These three indicators are often used as calculations in someone’s darn, including to choose and determine a mate. One of the parameters “3B” is “seed”, which refers to the genealogical origins of a person. A large family background (extended family, in Javanese “breed” and in Old Javanese and the middle “kula”) of a person is important for revealing one’s identity (identity = birth, identity = birth setting).

That is why Javanese people pay special attention (nastiti) to the breed, as illustrated by the importance (urgency) of the family tree (also called “sarasilah”) of a family. Ignorance of the family tree is rewarded with the “extinguishing of the lamp (torch)” regarding the origin of the family. On the other hand, genealogies can also be used as “genealogical proofs” to be able to explain one’s relationship with certain legendary figures in the past. Genealogy is often used as a basis for making “clamps (claim)” that he is a descendant of a respectable family. Examining one’s identity (background of birth and descent), therefore, it can be started by examining the family tree of the person concerned.

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As a member of a family, certainly, Mohammad Prananda Prabowo has seeds, namely family background, both inner family (nuclear family) or extended family (extended family). The setting about his batih family that is well known to the public is that Prananda was one of Megawati Soekarnoputri’s sons, precisely one of Megawati’s two sons from her first husband, namely First Lieutenant Aviator Surindro Supjarso – who died in service The Indonesian Air Force when flying a Skyvan T-701 aircraft, which had an accident in Biak waters, Irian Jaya (Now Papua, red) on January 22, 1970.

From the maternal line, it was clear that Prananda was the grandson of Ir. Soekarno, Indonesia’s first President. What so far has not been known to the public is the family background of the father line. Therefore, this paper intends to examine the background of the Prananbda family, to certain breeds and places in Java where their ancestors “contributed to their role” in the past.