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Total Lost, the T-701 Skyvan Carcass Was Never Found

The crash of the Skyvan T-701 aircraft in Biak waters on January 22, 1970, was not the only event that had happened to Skyvan aircraft in Indonesia or other countries.

Among the several types of Skyvan aircraft owned by AURI, there are two that have experienced a crash. The first to experience a fall and disappear was not found is the Skyvan T-701. Only two years later, precisely on December 19, 1972, a similar incident also happened to the Skyvan aircraft numbered T-703. However, in this second event, the plane did not experience a “total lost”.

In addition to the AURI Skyvan aircraft, the tragedy of this type of plane crash also happened to the Skyvan SC-7 aircraft belonging to the neighboring airline, Pan Malaysia Air Transport, which crashed in a forest area in East Aceh on January 30, 1993.

Until now the aircraft containing 11 passengers and 5 crew members, the tracks had not yet been discovered. Only in August 2010 the unlucky “iron bird” was found in the wreckage of his plane. The third tragedy of the Skyvan plane crash (1970, 1972 and 1993) gives an overview of the series of events of the Skyvan plane crash.

Despite having experienced a series of crashes, this does not mean that aircraft that have the STOL (Short Take-Off and Landing) capability, are equipped with ramp doors and are light weighted with twin engines that do not have reliability.

Skyvan aircraft is a light transport aircraft it is a “multipurpose aircraft” in Indonesia, in addition to the Air Force (a TNI AU), the Skyvan aircraft which was in demand in the world market was once operated by several charter airlines and pioneering airlines. Name it, Gatari, Deraya, and Indonesia Air Transport.