Tengkleng Baphomet, Viral on Twitter

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Tengkleng Baphomet
Tengkleng kepala kambing viral viral di media sosial karena mirip B
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NUSADAILY.COM – SOLO – Today is a big day for Muslims, Friday, July 31, 2020 in various regions celebrating Eid al-Adha. The moment of Eid al-Adha is synonymous with all-round meat, both beef and goat.

Not only satay or curry, other parts of goat livestock, especially in the Solo area are often processed into tengkleng. This tengkleng at a glance resembles a soup in which there are ribs or goat bones.

Maybe it looks fierce, but Tengkleng is one dish that is quite popular with the people of Indonesia, especially in Solo.

Being a legendary culinary, tengkleng used to be often eaten by workers and cooks in the Dutch colonial era.

Speaking of tengkleng, not long ago the public made goosebumps and gawked with photos of the goat bones.

If usually only displayed parts of the leg bones and body parts, another case with tengkleng goat’s head exhibited by the following citizens.

“Again eating tengkleng Baphomet,” wrote the Twitter account @marioandriann quoted by nusadaily.com from Suara.com.

What is Baphomet
Baphomet is an ancient Roman god who until now has been made a symbol of Satanists. If seen more clearly, Baphomet is depicted in the form of a goat sitting cross-legged.

For some reason, it crossed the mind of the Twitter user that the dish actually called it similar to Baphomet.

Tengkleng the goat’s head seemed to be placed on a container filled with soup with intact horns stuck.

Suddenly, the appearance of this goat head tengkleng made netizens feel scary, shuddering and horrifying.

“How come it’s scary,” said a citizen.

“Baphomet curry, there are still horns,” said another citizen.

“Later, we will use it, hyung,” added another citizen, even feeling curious about the goat’s head tengkleng.

Until this article was written, the tweet and the photo of the head of a goat like Baphomet have gained at least 2.2 thousand retweets and 3.8 thousand likes.

Wow, horrified by the delicious appearance of this goat head tengkleng? So, you don’t need to look at it, so you can eat it right away.

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