Palapa Sampan, Typical Culinary of Banyuwangi Fishermen

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بالابا سامبان
Palapa Sampan, Kuliner Khas Nelayan Banyuwangi. (ozi/
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NUSADAILY.COM – BANYUWANGI – Banyuwangi is not only known for its various cultural customs and tourist destinations. Regency of the eastern tip of the island of Java, also known for having delicious culinary variety on the tongue.

In fact, culinary in Banyuwangi has its own uniqueness and uniqueness. As a unique culinary that is usually eaten by fishermen when at sea.

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‘Palapa Sampan’ is the name. This type of processed fish with thick seasoning is quite new for Banyuwangi residents. But for the residents of Kampung Mandar Village, Banyuwangi District, this dish becomes the main menu when going to sea.

Understandably, the easternmost area of ​​the city of Banyuwangi is mostly fishermen who search for fish in the Bali Strait and surrounding waters.

“This is indeed the typical cuisine of Banyuwangi fishermen. We just bring the seasoning and cook it on the boat. While fish can be used for fishing or fishing in the sea, “said Bunawi (60), a fisherman from Kampung Mandar, Monday, July 27, 2020.

According to Bunawi, fishermen in Banyuwangi can go fishing for days. Therefore, they only bring rice and seasonings. While fish, taken from part of the catch.

The spices needed are not much different from the processed fish in general. Namely, ginger, shallots, garlic, large and small chillies and orange leaves. “There is a little flavoring, salt and sugar,” he added.

The seasoning for palapa sampan cooking must be plenty. Spices that have been mashed and then roasted until fragrant then added water. Only after that, the fish that has been cut into the seasoning.

“Don’t get to much sauce. Made thick and red from the chili and onion seasoning. This fresh dish does not use coconut milk, “he added.

The culinary specialties of Banyuwangi fishermen, said Bunawi, apparently are on the rise and become a special attraction for culinary lovers. Besides having a spicy taste typical of Banyuwangi culinary, processed ‘palapa sampan’ is also made from fresh fish.

“Per day can be up to 15 more servings. Different from grilled fish that is common. While for this dish can be enjoyed a variety of fish. Any fish can be made this food. Starting white, kelang, until grouper, “he added.

For culinary lovers who want to enjoy the sensation of ‘palapa sampan’, can visit Pondok Trawang in Kampung Mandar Banyuwangi Kota. Besides palapa sampan, other complementary foods such as grilled fish, are also available at this place.

“Here we have prepared transparent booths for visitors. “This room is a sterile place to eat as well as the implementation of health protocol anticipating COVID-19,” he added

Alfian, one of the visitors claimed to be amazed by the palapa sampan culinary. As a seafood culinary lover, he admitted that this is the first time he enjoyed the culinary specialties of Banyuwangi fishermen.

“He said the typical food of fishermen. Really not use coconut milk and fresh. This food is really recommended, “he concluded. (ozi / lna)

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